Beyond Xclusive

beyond xclusive

Up & coming Miami brand, Beyond Xclusive is turning heads with their style and designs. Their motto “Taking Fashion To The Streets!” Doing a great job when it comes to their visuals. Hailing from Carol City High School you also can see their moniker inspired into some of the designs. Definitely a brand to look into.

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Khaotic’s Sensational Sequel to GABOS is Available Now!!!

Khaotic – G.A.B.O.S. 2

The G.A.B.O.S. 2 mixtape is the 8th project in Miami artist, Khaotic’s, collection of music so far. The Overtown rapper has faced his share of positive and negative press as of recently. Being featured on the most recent version of “Love & Hip Hop” in Miami has not made him forget his talents as an artist or a real Miami representer. With tracks like 2. “On Go” showing the pride that Miami used to have in essentially g-checking artists before they were able to promenade around our streets. Sticking to the Miami sound on tracks like 4. “Cold Streets” & 3.”Chase Money” with a feature from other Miami artists, Ca$h, Project Jit & Lil Ted. He gets personal on tracks like 8. “Get It How I Live” & 9. “Prosecute,” about legal and street issues. Straight snapping on tracks like 6. “Rockstar Status” and 7. “Barz.” Overall this is a solid project to his collection.

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“Theater 13” Bubbling Up To Become a Blockbuster!!!

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Movie Malice – Theater 13

Movie Malice is hitting the Miami Music scene with a Gatling gun of barz on his latest project, Theater 13. Long awaited since the release of his last project, Ziplock Music, Theater 13 shows that Movie is done resting. The North Miami Beach artist enlists the help of only one feature from labelmate, HoodLuva Rich on “Bankroll.” Theater 13 is a hardcore lyrical onslaught, short & sweet. Tracks like “Monster,” “Gotta Ask” and “Real Talk” show that a feature from Movie might have you rewrite a verse to keep up. “Trenches” is that track that lets his female audience know he hasn’t forgotten them either and are welcome to slide to the hood.

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Bushy B Back Again with “HBCU 2”!!!

Bushy B – HBCU 2

Bushy B is back at it with his latest project “HBCU 2”!!! Hit it on the head with great Miami style beats and the melodic flows for a perfect contrast. Some tracks expertly dropped just in time for the fellas to play for Valentine’s Day like 8. “Take It Public”. 14. “Free Spirit” is about choices and there repercussions and also a letter to his unborn children. Don’t get it twisted though, there are some G code tracks like 7. BOMH ft Ferrarri Fred.

Bushy B didn’t come with just a project. He also came with a 10 min documentary about his rise to where he is now in the industry.

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FloKid’s “Regal” Ripping through the Streets!!!

FloKid, A.K.A. “NMB’s Savior,” is hitting the streets hard with banger, “Regal.” A car is just a car, or is it? FloKid takes you through nostalgic moments of driving first car choices. He goes through the memories and feelings of being unbound and unlimited by a car. Also, quickly mentioning who gave him the car which adds a value to it nobody else may see, which also points to his humble real life persona. Comedian, Fat N Funny, jumps in for a comedic skit which is well placed. Real G’s move in silence like lasagna and “Regal” is definitely as Real as it comes. Even the scenes and areas portrayed are iconic to his ‘hood of Victory Park in NMB.

Check out FloKid’s latest Album “Lil Jo Z: A VP Story” available on all Streaming platforms. Along with the project is an accompanied Documentary that is a well put together Bonus project.





Top 20 Hottest Records in Miami for May 2014 [NO DJ DROPS]

Top 20 Hottest Records in Miami for May 2014 [NO DJ DROPS]



1. Slick Drop – Im Ready

2. Fresha – F.G.K

3. Quise – They Watchin ft. Rick Ross, Iceberg,  Mr. Mar’

4. SL the Don – Either Way

5. Loso Dinero  Money Time

6. Iceberg – Where Do You Go

7. Joe Gunner – Flush Money 

8. Lil Dred – Str8 ft. PB Large

9. Billy Blue – Young Nigga Rich

10. Ballgreezy – U Tonight

11. Supreme – Can’t Tell Me Nothing ft Lu Hound

12. Full Klip – Don’t Know How To Act

13. Y.S. – No Reason

14. Grimass – I  Need Dat

15. O.Z. – Show Off

16. Money Sinclair – Maxxxed Out

17. Kodak Black – 4th Quarter

18. Fresh – Money ft. Bustafree, Khaotic

19. Ro Nasty – Trap Nigga

20. Mike G – Wealth ft. DJ Sam Sneak


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Top 20 Hottest Records in Miami for March 2014 [NO DJ DROPS]

Top 20 Hottest Records in Miami for March 2014 [NO DJ DROPS]



1. Young Breed – Game Over

2.  Bundlez ft. Movie Malice – Flexxx

3. Busta Free – Forbes List

4. Ballgreezy – Wanna Chill

5. Young Quay ft. Shootem Up – One Life

6. Scrilla ft. Sam Sneak – Dope Boy In Versace

7. Skreetz – Aint No Telling

8. PB Large ft. Desloc Piccalo – All On Me

9. Alyric ft. DJ Diggem Down,Track Makers, Fatboy Rhymer – Get Low II Da Beat

10. Diamond Boi – Watch Dis

11. Sam Sneak ft. Iceberg – Here We Go Again

12. Jigg – Right Now

13. Jimmy Dade ft. C-Ride – Be Careful

14. KING – Stay With Money

15. Klass Money ft Skip We Loose – Do Me

16. LS Spade – When I Say So

17. O.Z. – Bust It

18. Ro Nasty ft. Pleasure P. – Freak Forever

19. SL ft. Boog Sook – Flex Out

20. Young Trizo ft. Klean & Murph – Haterz


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